Don't go to the hospital, don't do anything else, it's just a conspiracy against Muslims! Viral is the video of Pakistani Maulana

Bengali Hunt Desk: Pakistan is emerging as a hotspot for coronary heart disease worldwide. So far more than 65,000 cases have come to light in that country. And 1,600 people have died. In the midst of this crisis, Pakistani Maulana Kaukab Noorani called Corona a deep conspiracy against the Muslims. A video of Noorani going viral on social media, in which she calls the virus a Jewish conspiracy, and appeals to everyone not to go to the hospital.

Maulana Kaukab Noorani said in the video that the corona virus was the result of a conspiracy by the Jews. They have made this virus before, now they are making a vaccine for it. Not only did Kaukab call Corona a conspiracy against Muslims, he also appealed to his supporters not to go to the hospital even after being infected with the virus. He says the Corona Jews are conspiring and this time they are making a vaccine and putting a chip in it.

Maulana said that when this vaccine made by Jews enters a Muslim or a human body, then that chip will also enter the human body. That chip will control the Muslims. All the Jews will know what you want to do. Noorani said doctors were being paid to kill Corona patients at the hospital.

Maulana said, even if you are infected with corona, do not go to the hospital. If you go to the hospital, you will not be able to come back alive. There you will be put on a ventilator and killed. They will not be allowed to meet the people of the house. Because if they are allowed to meet, their notoriety will come in front of the whole world.

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According to Kaukab Noorani, the Jews want to take over the whole world through the transmission of the corona. Maulana said that these Jews will soon bring a currency, by winning they will take the whole world in their hands.