Don’t grow up in Maharashtra, Rakhi went to kill the cameraman without wearing a mask!


BanglaHunt Desk: In Bollywood, she is known as ‘Drama Queen’. Everything you do is a little ‘hot’. It is said that Rakhi sawant. He likes to express his opinion on all issues. Recently, Rakhi was also seen competing in Bigg Boss 14.

Rakhi Sawant has faced controversy on various issues more than once. But in spite of that he is not conscious. Recently, a video of Rakhi has gone viral on social media. Rakhi went to kill the paparazzi with radish because he did not wear a mask.

Yes, I was surprised to hear that it actually happened. He speaks Rakhi Sawant. So he has to behave a little hot. In fact, Rakhi was recently spotted shopping on the streets of Mumbai. Seeing him, the paparazzi surrounded him.

Rakhi is seen making fun of everyone as per her nature. With a radish in his hand, he wielded it like a sword and said, “I will kill the one who bothers me and the one who does not wear a mask.” One joked that the man was not wearing a mask.

Rakhi went to kill him with radish. Everyone laughed at his actions. After that Rakhi got busy with Sabzi Wala. After shopping for some vegetables and fruits, he asked how much they all cost. I was shocked to hear 1650 rupees in reply. He kept asking the vegetable seller why the price was so high.

Rakhi even complained that the vegetable seller was charging so much after seeing him. The paparazzi also requested to pay everything for 750 rupees. Rakhi, on the other hand, demanded that he be given all the vegetables and fruits for 400 rupees.

In fact, as soon as the second wave of Corona hit the country, a few states walked the path of Knight Curfew. The worst situation is in Maharashtra. So many people are keeping the vegetable and fruit market healthy so that they don’t have to go out much. Rakhio is currently busy with that work.