Don't make children above 40 in Madrasa of Kanpur in Yogi kingdom positive! The administration flew to sleep


Bangla Hat Desk: The corona crisis is intensifying in Kanpur, the largest city in Uttar Pradesh. Forty-six corona-positive patients were found from three separate madrasas in Kanpur, which have become hotspots for corona infection. The whole area is abuzz after the case of Madrasa children being positive for corona came to light.

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Corona-infected children are said to be between the ages of 10 and 20. This time the administration has started contact tracing of infected children. Due to this madrasa being in a populated area, more corona positive cases can be found.

According to the information received, 38 of the children infected with corona are from madrasas in Kulibazar area of ​​Anwarganj. Due to the large number of students in the madrasa, the coolie market area has moved into the danger zone. According to the information received, most of the children are from poor families and most of them are residents of Bihar.

There are also Hidayatullah Madrasa in Kanpur, Ashrafabad Madrasa in Jajmau and Kulibazar Madrasa in the hotspot area.

Kanpur CMO Dr Ashok Shukla demanded an investigation into 90 madrassas, saying 40 of them were infected. Let me tell you, the number of corona infections in Kanpur has crossed 200. And the administration has lost sleep after getting so many children from the madrasa.