Don’t run away by drinking cow urine! Watch the viral video of the BJP MLA’s method


Banglahant Desk: ‘Corona infallible medicine cow urine’ – once again this demand was made by a BJP MLA. Surendra Singh, the MLA from Uttar Pradesh, did not stop at just advising people to drink cow urine, but also told them in a viral video how and when to drink cow urine.

Corona’s infallible medicine is cow urine. Not only will the corona escape, but the body will also keep the body strong, claims the MLA. A video that went viral on Friday showed the BJP MLA from Boiria in Uttar Pradesh’s Balia district telling the whole story of drinking cow urine and drinking cow urine himself.

The viral video shows Surendra Singh, a BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh, saying that he should wake up in the morning and drink this cow urine on an empty stomach. The rule is- take a glass of water and mix two-three spoons of cow urine in it and drink that water in one go. Not only that, after drinking this cow urine, nothing can be eaten for the next 30 minutes.

The legislator claims, believe in science or not, cow urine but Corona is infallible. This cow urine is even able to cure heart disease. He also suggested drinking cow urine of Ramdev’s company.

Not only corona suppression, his body will be strengthened if he drinks this cow urine according to the rules. He himself drank cow urine even after working 16 hours a day. He even claims that he is healthy and normal after drinking this cow urine. After various politicians, such remarks of this BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh have gone viral on social media.