Don't trust yourself, China is taking help of Pakistani army to fight with India, video goes viral


BanglaHunt Desk: China has completely entangled India's neighboring enemy Pakistan. At present, starting from the Pakistani leader, the Pakistani army is also following the words of the Chinese government. Chinese journalist Shen Shibai went to the border and shot a video of the Chinese army preparing for war, which exposed the conspiracy between China and Pakistan. Video viral on a large scale due to sharing on social media.

The video, shared by Chinese journalist Shen Shibai, has sparked comments in various quarters. According to social media users about the video, Pakistani troops are enlisting the help of Chinese troops to resolve border disputes with India.

One thing is clear through this video, the Dragon's troops are quite backfooted after being chased by the Indian Army. This time, they have enlisted the help of Pakistani troops who have been knocked down by Indian troops many times.

Meanwhile, in the video submitted by the Chinese journalist, there is suspicion in the expert community about a Chinese soldier. The video shows a bearded soldier with Chinese soldiers, whose physique is very different from other Chinese soldiers. Their idea is that this army is not Chinese, it is actually a Pakistani army.

According to official sources, China said in a military and political message with India in Moldo in September that five of its soldiers had been killed. However, the amount that China is talking about can be estimated to be 3 times more. In fact, with the help of the Pakistani army, they are pushing them to go to war with India.