‘Don’t wear a mask, but kiss!’ The couple publicly warned the police


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona Outbreak is on the rise in the country. Breaking one record after another, Corona’s graph gradually went upwards. In such a situation, the Corona prone states are already on the verge of lockdown from curfew. A curfew has already been imposed in Delhi. Not stopping there, the Kejriwal government’s tool in the capital to deal with the corona lockdown this weekend. This time, without worrying about the lockdown, the two couples got a place in the jail by teaching the counter rules to the police.

Incidentally, a video has been going viral since Sunday evening, which shows that a couple is being questioned by the Delhi Police for not wearing a mask. However, the couple was very upset. They started teaching the rules to the police. When the car was stopped during Naka checking, the woman sitting in the car claimed, ‘Corona is just a misconception’. He also claims that it does not exist at all.

The couple did not wear masks in the car, and police listened to court observations. Even if someone is alone in the car, he has to wear a mask, as is the case in the capital. When the police asked her to make a car site, the woman said, ‘I will kiss my husband, can you stop me? You know my father is also an SI. ‘ Even the husband got involved in a quarrel with the police keeping pace with his wife.

Police have arrested Pankaj Dutt in the car. The woman, who identified herself as Pankaj’s wife, was also arrested by Delhi Police. Police sources also said that the couple did not have a ‘curfew pass’.