Don’t worry about the price of oil, make this bike a 100 km trip for only 8 taka


Bangla Hunt Desk: Petrol-diesel prices have skyrocketed. Ordinary people are in misery due to increase in commodity prices. As the burden of pockets increases, the common man is looking for alternatives to petrol-diesel. Meanwhile, Atumobile Pvt. Ltd. has launched its new edition electric bike Atum 1.0. According to the company, you can travel 100 km with Atum 1.0 for only Tk.

Vehicle start-up Atumobile Pvt. Ltd. of Hyderabad has developed Atum 1.0 electric bikes. The company claims that Atum 1.0 will relieve people from pollution and increased petrol prices.

According to Atumobile Pvt. Ltd., the battery of Atum 1.0 is fully charged in just 4 hours. And once fully charged, it can travel 100 km. It costs only 7 to 8 rupees to be fully charged. The company also offers a two-year warranty on car batteries.

You can book Atum 1.0 through the official website Since the launch, 400 bikes have been booked so far, the company said. The company said that they have also started delivery work.

The base price of the electric bike Atum 1.0 has been kept at Rs 50,000. This bike is made entirely in India. The speed of the bike has been kept very low due to safety. The Atum 1.0 bike has a comfortable seat, digital display with LED headlights, indicators and tail lights.