Don't worry about trolling, just keep ticking, says Nusrat


Banglahant Desk: No matter what anyone says, Nusrat Jahan is not stopping tiktok. That is what the actress and the spokesperson of the MP said clearly. He said Nusrat does not care about trolling. On the contrary, if he takes any good initiative, everyone should help him, said Nusrat's spokesperson.

In his words, “Nusrat has been ticking for a long time before entering the political world. And as an artist, he can show his creativity. If it helps people, then everyone should help Nusrat. ” He added that Nusrat is not afraid of trolling. As long as he remains an artist in the world of entertainment, he will continue to tickle. Incidentally, the actress has recently started a house-to-house campaign for tickets.

In fact, many people are directly and indirectly harming China because of the Corona epidemic all over the world. Since the virus was first detected in China's Wuhan Province, many believe that the whole thing is brainwashing and intentional in China.

Corona has hit the country's economy hard. So a group of people have raised their voices that China's plan to establish authority must be uprooted. So they have demanded to boycott Chinese apps like TickTock. A group of people have also raised their voices against the stars.

A few days ago, the MP actress shared a tickling video. Wearing a black crop top, hot pants, Nusrat was seen swinging her waist to the tune of an English song. He had to face severe criticism for this tick.