Dragon set conditions for India-China meeting, Indian army rejects

BanglaHunt Desk: Tensions are high in East Ladakh. Face to face are the Indian Army and the Chinese Army. Although the Chinese troops have not been able to take any action on the activities of the Indian army, they are not taking the name of retreat. But no Chinese jury will work anymore. This time they have to retreat. Besides, there is no other way open in the hands of the dragon.

Bipin Rawat, Chief of Defense Staff of the Indian Army, made it clear that China must maintain normalcy in the LAC. India has once again warned China to withdraw from the LAC at a command-level meeting at the LAC in East Ladakh.

The 7th meeting at the commander level was very important for the retreat of the troops deployed in the remote areas of the LAC. The Indian Foreign Ministry has also suggested continuing peace talks. Earlier, Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat said on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the National Defense College that there was no threat of a major war with China, but that there would be a rivalry with them in the future.

The LAC is still in a tense situation due to China's stubborn attitude. Chinese troops are on the Finger-4 line. To normalize the situation, Chinese troops will have to go after Finger-8. But China is not willing to do that. On the contrary, they are making it a condition that India should move from the border. However, India has made it clear that the attack was carried out by China first, so China will have to move first, then India.

According to sources, China has made it a condition that they will stay up to Finger-5 and Indian Army will be able to stay up to Finger-3. That means the area that clashes with Finger-4 will have to be handed over to China. But India has rejected it.