DRDO scientists created two special machines to fight corona


BanglaHunt Desk: The Defense Research and Development Agency (DRDO) is helping the entire Indian people, including doctors, by doing something regularly to fight Covid-1. This time DRDO has launched two new products that will raise public awareness during the epidemic caused by the Corona virus.

The Center for Fire Explosive and Enforcement Safety has created an automatic smoke based sanitizer unit with the help of smoke technology to extinguish fire through HPO3 in Delhi. This is a touchless sanitizer dispenser that will be used for hand sanitization when entering home or office. Here you will be cleaning your hands with an alcohol based sanitizer spray. This unit is driven through the process with no touch. With the help of 3-5 ml sanitizer in just 12 seconds, the hands can be cleaned. It can be easily installed anywhere. LED lights will emit as signals to this system.

The unit has been set up with the help of Messrs. Royet Labs Private Limited in Node and a unit at the DRDO building. It can also be used for hand sanitization to enter and exit hospitals, malls, office buildings, residential buildings, airports, metro stations, railway stations, bus stations and important places. This product is expected to be very effective even at the entrance and departure of detachment and separation centers.

The second is the UV sanitation box. This sanitation box has been prepared from DIPAS and INMAS in Delhi. It is specially used to destroy genetic material in Covid-19. The radiation structure reduces RNA, which hinders the ability of viral particles. UV-C quickly kills germs. Sanitizing the items by deploying UV lights prevents the harmful effects of the chemicals used for disinfection.

It is environmentally friendly and has an effective sanitization system without touch. This UV sanitation basket can be used to disinfect mobile phones, tablets, wallets, coins, office file covers, etc. This method can be used at home or in the office.

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