DRDO successfully tests Prithvi-II ballistic missile, can easily destroy targets 250 km away

Bangla Hunt Desk: India on Friday successfully tested a Prithvi-II ballistic missile with a strike range of more than 250 km off the coast of Orissa. The missile, developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), has long been part of the Strategic Forces Command.

Let me tell you, this missile was tested at night from the coast of Balasore in Orissa on the afternoon of September 23 last month. At that time the test was successful. According to the information received, these surface-to-surface missiles are capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Earlier, Prithvi-2 was tested in December last year. At that time, on December 3, 2019, this missile capable of attacking the enemy at a distance of 350 km was tested from Chandipur in Orissa at 6:45 pm. The test was also successful that day.

Note that short-range ballistic missiles penetrate targets from the ground to the ground. The Prithvi-2 missile is capable of carrying 500 to 1,000 kg of nuclear weapons and its engine is powered by liquid fuel. Developed in the country, this missile is capable of penetrating targets from 150 to 600 km. The Prithvi-1, Prithvi-2 and Prithvi-3 missiles of the Prithvi series have a range of 150, 350 and 600 km respectively.