'Dreams come true at the age of 21': Viral old man tells emotional life story


The viral video has changed the lives of Kant Prasad and his wife Badami Devi. Within two days so many people came forward to help that the life of the elderly couple changed drastically. The couple expressed their gratitude to Netpara. He told of his life.

Kant Prasad said, “I was only 5 years old when I got married and my wife (Brown Goddess) was 3 years old. At that time the British used to harass unmarried women so we were given in marriage at an early age.

We didn't have a choice of our own, I had to like it and he had to love me too. Marriage was like a 'stamp' to us, we started living together when we were only 5 years old. We got married in 1961. We came to Delhi from Uttar Pradesh at the age of 21 in the hope of better opportunities. “

About his life in Delhi, he said, “We lived on the banks of the Jamuna. Then I started my life from fruit business. But as the kids got older I thought of doing something better and we started ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’.… Yesterday when I saw the crowd of people, leaders, actors and celebrities, I was happy. I dreamed about this at the age of 21 and on the last day I saw my dreams come true. “