'Drug addicts' accused of standing by Bollywood! Netizens called for a boycott of Akshay's 'target bomb'


Akshay Kumar opened his mouth about Sushant Singh Rajput's death and drugs. He stood beside Bollywood with his hand on his chest. But that video became the cause of the player's headache this time. A section of Netpara was outraged by Akshay's statement. In addition to opposing Akshay's video, they also called for a boycott of Akshay's upcoming film Lakshi Bomb.

In the four-minute video, Akshay said, “After the sudden death of Sushant Singh, many such incidents have come to light which have saddened us as well as you.” These things have forced us to judge ourselves by our actions. We have a lot of flaws in the movie industry, they have been forced to watch. And one of these is what is going on in Bollywood nowadays with drugs. Akshay said, how can I put my hand on my own chest and tell you that there is no such problem here.

“Drugs are a legal issue, and I am confident that our law, authority and courts will take action against them,” he said. I also know that every person in the movie will fully cooperate in the investigation. But I urge you not to discredit the entire movie industry.

Akshay himself does not smoke cigarettes. This drug-free actor is an icon to the youth. But Netpara feels that his statement on drugs is not worthy of support at all. They have called for a boycott of 'Lakshi Bomb' which is going to be released on November 9.