Drugs won't work, that's the only advice WHO has given to the world


BanglaHunt Desk: Maran Virus Corona Virus (COVID-19) is spreading all over the world beyond China. The world is spending the day in panic. To prevent the spread of the outbreak of the disease, lockdown status is being issued in several countries. In India today, the first round of lockdown ends on April 7th. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 6am in the morning and said, “The deadline for this lockdown is increasing after the end of the first round. Lockdown status in India continues till May 3rd. This deadline may be extended if necessary. '

In the midst of the crisis, experts and physicians are collectively looking for ways to prevent the deadly virus. Some say that the malaria drug, Hydroxy Chloroquine, is somewhat resistant to the virus, while some say it is possible to keep the patient infected with paracetamol temporarily. In this situation, India is also helping various countries with medicines, medicines and even food grains as they need.

Meanwhile, the WHO chief says, 'We know that the Disease Corona virus is spreading very quickly. This is being compared to pandemics. Swine flu has killed 8,000 people worldwide in the world. But now more than 1 million people in the world have already died due to the virus. This number is rapidly moving toward a goal of 1.5 and a half. At present, the virus is even more deadly than swine flu.

In this situation, all countries will have to fight the virus. You should start treatment by doing corona test quickly. Knowing the history of the victims, the rest will have to start treatment. The exact antidote to this virus has not yet been discovered. It will still take 12 to 6 months to discover the anti-viral vaccine. Unless the right vaccine is discovered, lockdown is the only reliance. By locking people in lockdown, it will be possible to prevent the transmission of the virus.

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