Drunk Tia singing on guitar net, tumultuous viral video

viral video: How many videos go viral on Netdunia every day. Many of these videos are about animals and birds. They entertain the residents of Netpara by performing various feats. Occasionally their videos go viral. This time, Ek Tia won the hearts of Netpara by singing with the guitar.

Birds like Tia, Moyna, Cockatoo can mimic human voices. But the song? Even if they can sing one or two kali, it is never possible for them to sing the whole song keeping the melody right. But this time, after singing almost the whole song to the beat of the guitar, this Tia 7 has gone viral Even if you listen with your eyes closed, you are not forced to think that people are singing this song.

As seen in the viral video, he is not a prisoner in a cage. Divya is walking out of the cage like a gentleman. He sang while walking. One man is playing the guitar. He sang every melody of the guitar in a high tone.

This video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. I fell in love with Netapara to listen to his songs. Many say that when he was born as a human being, he used to sing very well. All in all, this teat is at the center of the net world discussion right now. Take a look at the viral video of him