Due to the death of her mother, she crossed the 5 km route by truck, freight and boat


In one of the worst situations in the coroner, one after another, in fact, showed us with our fingers. In the meantime, a young man rushes to the village to see his mother. He received news of his death. His name is Santosh Yadav.

He first wanted to reach Raipur, according to Yadav, who had taken one of his companions to Bijapur. Later, he climbed a paddy truck to reach Jagdalpur.

It takes about 200 km before Raipur to Kondagaon. Yadav says that he was stopped by policemen at Kondagaon explaining his whereabouts. And yet a familiar officer helped him to reach Raipur in a medicated vehicle. Even then the train station near Raipur goes to Chunar by freight. He then crossed the Ganges by boat for five kilometers and reached his village on April 10. Of course it takes three days to arrive. Jawan Santosh Yadav, Boys Thirty.

He, who joined the Chhattisgarh Armed Forces in 27, is in the ranks of Dhora Naxal-affected Dhanaura camp (Bhanpur) in Bijapur district. Coroner's Grass has gone from one powerful country to another. A virus that originated in China has now captured the entire world. The deadly virus first spread to China, then to Italy, Iran, Spain, America. And he is locked down. Yet contentment reaches Mara even in such troubles.

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