Duplessis made a sensational claim, threatening to kill Duplessis and his wife


Bangla Hunt Desk: Cricket is a game where the fans put the cricketers in the seat of God. The fans do not shy away from criticizing them and even threatening to kill them if they play good cricket and worship cricketers as gods. Former South African captain Faf Duplessis narrated such an incident.

In a shocking claim, Faf Duplessis said he and his wife had received death threats after the 2011 World Cup disaster.

At one time, South Africa placed itself at the top of all three formats of cricket. However, despite playing great cricket, South Africa has never won a World Cup. They have not been able to get rid of the ‘Chokers’ badge in Baishagje yet.

New Zealand faced South Africa in the third quarter final of the 2011 World Cup. New Zealand batted first and scored 211 runs in that match. In reply, South Africa’s innings ended with just 172 runs to bat and Duplessis had to leave the World Cup. After that, Duplessis heard constant personal attacks on social media. Duplessis claimed that he and his wife had been threatened with death by placing all the blame on him.