Durgapuja's pandal was wrapped in black cloth, BJP leader's voice raised the curtain

Bangla Hunt Desk: Durga Pujo is the best festival of Bengalis. And every Bengali in every corner of the country celebrates this festival. Similarly, Durga is worshiped in some places in the neighboring state of Jharkhand in West Bengal. But this time due to the corona virus, Durga Pujo is not being celebrated anywhere in the country like every time. There was a lot of pomp and circumstance, but the Congress government in Jharkhand has created obstacles in that too.

There have been some cases of a Durga Pujo near the Ranchi railway station, the capital of Jharkhand, which has broken the heart of every Bengali. The locals have been worshiping Durga there for many years. This year also Durga Pujo is being celebrated there as per the guidelines of Corona and as per the instructions of the government. But the Hemant Soren government in Jharkhand may not have liked it. The Ranchi administration arrived at the pandal on October 22 and ordered to cover the entire pandal with black cloth, fearing overcrowding.

At the direction of the administration, the Durga Pujo Committee of Ranchi Railway Station was forced to cover the pandal with black cloth. Then the controversy started as soon as the news spread. The news reached former Jharkhand Chief Minister Babulal Marandi through a local BJP leader. He then immediately posted a picture of the Dhaka Durga Mandapa on Twitter with a cloth and fired a cannon at the state Chief Minister Hemant Soren.

After the protest of Babulal Marandi, the administration sat motionless. The administration then issued an order to remove the black cloth from the pendulum within an hour. To avoid controversy, the administration then barricaded the pandal.