Durgapujo of Bahrampur goes viral on social media overnight by making Jinping a demon, see photo.

Bangla Hunt Desk: Many countries in the world have complained about the spread of corona from China. From the very beginning, US President Donald Trump has been calling the Corona virus a Chinese virus and firing on Xi Jinping. Not only the United States, but other countries in the world have opened a front against China for spreading the Corona virus. In the meanwhile, a fancy way was adopted to express anger against Chinese President Jinping at the best Bengali festival.

Jinping's head has been placed in the place of the demon at the public Durga Pujo of Swargadham Club at Bahrampur in Murshidabad. This idol made by potter Asim Pal is now trembling on social media. The picture of Asura of Swargadham Club is spreading all around. Everyone is also thanking the potter for seeing this picture. The theme pujo in Bengali Durga Pujo has been going on for many years. However, this time this pujo of Bahrampur Club has made a name for itself by impressing all the themed pujos.

The picture shows that mother Durga's vehicle is tearing the head of the lion demon. The demon's head is lying on the ground. And that head is exactly like Chinese President Xi Jinping. Let it be known that Indians are not angry with China just because of the spread of Corona virus. Another major reason why Indians are angry with China and Jinping is the months-long border dispute between the two countries in Ladakh. And because of him, this time in the artist's art, anger against Jinping and China has been exposed.