During the day, giant strange looking animals are trampling! Kabu Netdunia is afraid of watching viral videos


BanglaHunt Desk: Is there really another world outside of this world? Does life exist on that planet? Is there really something called an alien? These questions are not new. People have been curious about alien animals since ancient times. Whether it is a story or a movie, aliens have come to our world again and again. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are really scary.
Occasionally there are a number of viral videos claiming that alien spacecraft or UFOs have been spotted in the sky. There have been some amazing things captured on camera a lot of the time. But scientists have not been able to say for sure whether it is a UFO at all. However, this time a video has come out which has surprised the netizens as well as scared them.

The video shows a strange creature crawling on an empty field in a locality. Although this giant creature has four legs, its face is a bit like a human. But there is no similarity between the rest of the body and the human body. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

This video is now going viral on social media. Millions of people have already watched this video. Some people say that it is a game of editing and Photoshop. Again, many say, it may be true. BanglaHunt has not verified the authenticity of this video.
Some videos are often viral on Netdunia. Recently, it was reported that a UFO was found. Even before this, many suspicious scenes have been caught on camera. However, like these animals, the authenticity of those videos was not known.