During the lockdown, about 60,000 students in Pune took charge of about 1.9 lakh families


BanglaHunt Desk: Social distance and self-segregation have become universal due to the lockdown of Corona virus (COVID-19). Many old people are in trouble at this time. People who live alone at home, with no one else at home to help, are in big trouble at the moment. At this time, some old and lonely people from Pune, Maharashtra have come and stood by the side of some young women like Ranjana Hallkar, Sneha, Pratik, Paritosh.

They have stood by about 1.9 lakh families in Maharashtra during this time. Helping them in times of danger. Once they used mobiles only for their own needs, today they are using those mobiles to serve the people. They have identified several senior citizens in their area and stood by them. They are doing more work by recharging their needs, bringing vegetables, bringing medicines etc.

Sneha said, ‘There is always a police patrol van in our area. The shops are also open only during the day. So I took care of about 15 families in our area and provided them with what they needed. Another volunteer, Pratik Gaikwad, said he initially took charge of 10 families, and later five more.

At present the students are working mainly in Ahmednagar and Nasi besides Pune. Students are helping by buying groceries, medicines or other necessities for them. About 19,000 students are also ready to donate blood. They have also distributed about 6 lakh handmade masks among these people. They are currently communicating with others by spreading their work through an app. At present about 20-25 thousand students are working with this organization. At present, about 1.9 lakh families are able to sleep peacefully at night due to their work.