E-tokens will have to be bought for liquor, Kejriwal government introduces new rules in Delhi


BanglaHunt Desk: Kejriwal government has launched e-token to prevent giving lines in liquor shops in Delhi without complying with social distance. The Delhi government has launched a web link from which liquor lovers can collect e-tokens for liquor. In the meantime, 80 per cent corona tax has been imposed on liquor in the capital Delhi.

The Delhi government said the decision was taken keeping in mind the congestion in liquor stores to maintain social distance. The liquor shops in Delhi opened on Monday after more than 40 days and the crowds overflowed. Police even had to charge batons to control crowds in some places. This time the Delhi government has taken this decision so that the situation does not happen again

Incidentally, in the third phase of the lockdown in India, the biggest discount that is being practiced is to allow liquor stores to open. In addition, additional prices have been imposed on alcohol. And before opening the liquor store, the liquor lovers have lined up in front of the store in the morning. Although social distance is observed in many places, in most places, Deda continues to trade alcohol by pointing the finger at the government's guidelines.

Residents of Net Para did not take well to the long line of liquor stores across the country in this dire situation of corona infection. So in this case, one frog after another has spread through social media.