Earthquake trembles in horror


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona is suffering from panic. Lockdown is ongoing nationwide. Earthquake tremors were felt in Assam (Assam) deep into the crisis Sunday night. This tremor has been felt in many cities of the state, including Guwahati. Although the severity is not yet known. It is reported that people left the house because of the earthquake. No casualties have been reported yet.

Earlier, a less severe earthquake was felt in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday. The intensity of the Richter scale was measured 4.

Yesterday, the city Kolkata had a maximum temperature of 6 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature was around 20 degrees Celsius. And today, the temperature will be the highest temperature around 5 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature will be around 20 degrees Celsius. There is no amount of water vapor in the air. However, light winds are likely. The weather office is not expecting any rain in the meantime.

Meteorologists have predicted this year's temperature will rise throughout March-April-May. During these three months, the temperature will be much higher than normal. Apart from this, there will be heavy heat in different parts of North, North-West and Central India as well as different parts of South India April has started to feel quite hot. But this time, the heat wave is being feared in five states across the country. The maximum temperature may rise in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The temperature will rise to 5 degrees above normal. The wind office is predicting that temperatures will rise this time in various states including Kolkata.

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