Earth's climate is changing, ice age may return after warming: Science community in panic


BanglaHunt Desk: The Sun's energy is constantly decreasing. The Snow Age may return, scientists fear. The world's climate is changing rapidly. Ecosystems are being affected by changes in the Earth's own appearance as a result of global warming. As a result, the climate of the earth can change in any situation, the ice age can return.

The land is getting angry as a result of unspeakable oppression of man on nature. Which is affecting the climate. Temperatures are dropping even in hot summers. Decreasing the brightness of the sun. As a result, scientists fear that if this continues, the stars of the solar system may become 'hibernated' or inactive in the next 30 years. The heat of the sun is slowly decreasing. The effect of increasing cold. Valentina Zarkova, a professor at Northumbria University, was the first to explain this.

A number of international researchers also supported the issue of Mini Ice Age, which he published in 2015. Again he expressed his opinion in this regard. “The sun could go into hibernation very soon,” he told a news conference. This will create relatively few sunspots on the surface of the sun. As a result, the brightness of the sun will decrease.

However, there is disagreement against his statement in this regard. Following his statement, a section of the media claimed that there was no scientific basis for this explanation. Earlier in 2013 and 2015, there was a similar outcry in the world about 'Little Ice Age'. However, many feel that there is no need to think in detail about this issue right now.