Eastbengal started demolishing Mohanbagan's house in the party market.


East Bengal returned to their squad this year to win the I-League side side back for Mohun Bagan. Last year, Mohanbagan left East Bengal and signed the site of Mizoram. Chloeva did not get a chance to play too much for Mohin Bagan in this league, but this Mizo sideback was one of the most important members of Mohilbagan's team this year. Khaloba did not get a chance to play this year in the first XI of Kibu, so he returned to his old club, East Bengal.

In addition, the East Bengal officials have been desperate to take on their own team. The East Bengal officials have already been in talks with the Kerala striker. VP Suhar has also been given preliminary consent to join East Bengal. VP Suhar has played almost every match in the Mohun Bagan jersey in this league. He was also one of Kibu Vicuna's favorite footballers. This time, he was noticed by several clubs in Mohegan Bagan's jersey in the I League.

Also this time, the East Bengal club has already signed former Mohanbanagan footballer Balwant Singh to their squad for the ISL jersey. It is reported that the East Bengal club has a two-year contract with Balbanta. On the other hand, Ashutosh Mehta, who won the I-League for Mohanbagan this time, has also made an early offer to Sekhil Sahil. On the other hand, Mohanbagan has started taking talented footballers to his team to play ISL next year.

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