Easy! This time Google is going to solve more and more complex numbers


BanglaHunt Desk: Students have become technology dependent since the beginning of corona infection in the country. Reading of all kinds and levels has somehow become online dependent. As students become more dependent on this technology, Google is now taking big steps to solve many more problems. Now the solution of your complex to more complex sum will be matched in Google search. Yes, Google is going to introduce such a system.

But Google Math Problem Solve is not instantaneous. For the convenience of understanding, Google will solve the problem step by step, so that everyone can easily understand the solution. You may have found the right solution to something like this before. But now Google will present that solution to you in an interesting way.

This is known from the latest blog post of Google. Google is about to add two more new features to its search engine. A ‘practice problem’. Which will give you simple answers to simple questions related to math, physics and even chemistry.

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This interesting feature from Google will test and answer your high school math, chemistry and physics knowledge in a direct search. As a result, you’ll be away from sources that provide answers to educational questions like BBC Beatsize, Byzas, Careers 7080, Chag, CK12, Education Quiz, Gradeup, Great Minds, Kahut, OpenStacks, Topprip, Bedantu and many more.

For example, if you type “Chemical Bond Practice Problems” in Google, these Google trainers will show you multiple choice questions. You can then submit your answer and if you are wrong or correct you will be notified immediately by Google.

Another feature that Google is about to add is an explanatory feature for math problems. It will not only tell you the answer, it will also tell you how to solve it. For now, you can get this feature in English, but later you can get this kind of explanation step by step in more than 70 languages, according to Google.