Eating prison rice yourself, how is Riya paying the salary of a high profile lawyer? Leaked explosive information


Banglahant Desk: In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput, Rhea Chakraborty is the main accused. Although there is not enough evidence yet, the actress has been facing one allegation after another since Sushant's death. At first Sushant unknowingly laundered his huge amount of money and now it is a crime to take drugs. Rear is currently spending the day in the jail.

On the other hand, the actress' lawyer Satish Manshinde is constantly trying to get her client out of jail. But he is not getting water when he tries. In this situation, the question has arisen, if Sushant doesn't have money, then why is he still paying the lawyer's fee?

Notably, Satish Manshind is one of the best lawyers in India. He fought the case on behalf of Khas Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. So needless to say, his south is also quite thick. It is learned that he took Rs 10 lakh for each hearing.

Everyone knows that Riya has not yet gained popularity in Bollywood. On the contrary, most of his pictures are in the flop book. So how is Riya paying the lawyer's salary even from behind the jail! The speculation has started in a normal way.

This time Satish Manshinde himself has answered all these. He told a news outlet, “My client and I have been trolled for a long time over the issue of remuneration. Again, many are saying that I am fighting the case without pay. For their part, I will say that the remuneration is completely personal to me and my client. ”

Riya had faced trolls about this before. Manshinde was still seen opening his mouth. He told the news agency ANI, “Riya said in an interview that I did not increase my salary because of this case. It is a complete lie that people are saying that I am fighting the case in the rear without any money. Remuneration is definitely an important issue between the client and me. ”