Education will be more fun, big decision regarding children's education is made by Yogi government


Bengali Hunt Desk: Yogi Adityanath made a big decision to make the type of education of children more fun and more acceptable. From now on, all government primary schools in Uttar Pradesh will observe 'No Bag Day' once a week. In other words, on that day children will go to school without carrying backpacks. The decision was made so that the children could study in a fun way and reduce the burden of stress on them.

On this ‘No Bag Day’ kids go to school one day a week without a bag load. There, they will be taught through sports and various fun games. Last week, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma. That is where the decision was made. A guideline has already been sent to schools on this.

Dr. Sarika Mohan, Director, Department of Child Development and Nutrition, gave a presentation on 'No Bag Day' at the meeting. He said that from the pre-primary level there is a fun way to teach children. He also said that 'No Bag Day' would be observed in government schools once a week at the primary level. Besides, the Deputy Chief Minister asked the concerned officials to prepare necessary drafts to make some changes in higher education as well.

Besides, a proposal to provide more facilities to technical students was also accepted at the meeting. At present, there is a website in the state called U-Rise for ITI, Polytechnic and Engineering students. There they get all the information related to employment. Besides, in Uttar Pradesh, there is a system of giving admission, paying fees and giving exams online in any college.