Egyptian beauty fined for posting dance video on tickets, what was in that video


Banglahant Desk: Penalty for posting dance video? Yes, that's exactly what happened in Egypt. A court there has sentenced five young women to two years in prison and a large fine. But none of those dances were obscene, but what exactly is the charge against them?

In a country like Egypt, individual freedom is very low. You can't post all your speeches or creative activities on social media if you want to. An Egyptian court has fined লাখ 300,000 (Rs 14 lakh in Indian currency) for posting a video of a dance on social media tickets.

The court said they had to face punishment and fines for damaging the social environment. A government lawyer in the country said the government had fined them for violating family values ​​and policies, raising awareness and promoting human trafficking.

Honeymoon and Mowda are very popular for doing makeup poses inside the car, doing various videos like dancing in the kitchen. He could also be jailed for spreading fake news. There are also serious allegations against him such as attacking the government. Which is not accepted in that country.

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After this incident, a storm of condemnation has risen on social media. Many say the government is attacking them because they are daughters of relatively middle-class families. “The arrests show how a conservative society wants to control people in modern communication technology,” said Tariq al-Awadi, a human rights lawyer.

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