Eight blue-eyed, newly discovered spiders can't take their eyes off the viral image


viral photo: A lot of things go viral every day. But recently a picture of a spider has gone viral and you can't take your eyes off it. The whole netpara has fallen under the spell of those blue eyes. Netagrikas say that no one has ever seen such a spider.

Armanda de George, a native of New South Wales, Australia, first saw the spider a year and a half ago. A few days ago we met again in the back garden of the house. He immediately captured the camera. He seized the bottle and sent it to the experts.

As soon as Armanda posted this picture on social media, she noticed a Facebook page called Backward Zulji. They shared the post. The picture of this blue-eyed spider went viral in an instant. It has already caught the attention of nature lovers all over the world.

It is known that the name of this spider is jumping spider. They eat each other. The eight blue eyes are strangely beautiful This photo shared by Armanda was seen by Melbourne-based spider expert Schubert. He sent for research from Armanda. Armanda is also happy to help with the research.