Eight Malaysians taking part in the Jamaat were on the run! The police caught the plane before it landed


Bangla Hunt Desk: Most countries in the world suffer from the devastation caused by coronavirus. The number of infected people in India has crossed 3,000. And this number is growing at a rapid pace. After the case of the Tablighi Jamaat ceremony in Nizamuddin (Nizamuddin) case, the number of victims of corona has doubled in one go. And this is why foreigners associated with the Tabligh church are being taken into custody this time.

Eight Malaysian nationals were arrested at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) on Sunday. They all attended the recent Tabligh church. The IGI Immigration Department arrested Malindo Air Relief for Malaysia on the pretext of fleeing. They have been handed over to the police officers. It is reported that all of them were trying to escape on a flight with relief goods from Malaysia. The immigration authorities trace them.

Thousands of Muslims participated in the Nizamuddin's Tabligh church event last month. Apart from India, citizens of those other countries participated in the event. Many of them have been found to have coronary infections. Corona has been found in more than 3,000 churches in India so far. That is 5 percent or more of the total coronary patients in India.

Nizamuddin Markaz had more than 20 Jamaat-e-Islami functions in the Tabligh church headquarters. And they were expelled in the last three days. Four of them were found to have coronary virus symptoms and were admitted to hospital. The Home Ministry said on Tuesday that there were 122 foreigners at the Tabligh Jamaat branch at various places in the country on March 27.

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