Eighty percent of the sick farmers in the movement are suffering from cough and fever!


Bangla Hunt Desk: Among the agitating farmers in the Tsinghu border, not a single part of the health department rules issued to avoid corona is being observed. Neither the social distance is being maintained there, nor the farmers are wearing masks. Many elderly farmers from Punjab have joined the movement. Farmers in tractors and trolleys on the side of the road in the cold are getting sick this time. Eighty percent of sick farmers suffer from cough and fever. This is the first sign of corona. Even then, no corona test was performed there.

Surprisingly, farmers are not using them even though they have masks in drug stores. If the Haryana and Delhi governments do not look into the matter now, the consequences will be dire in the days to come and the situation will get out of hand.

Ramandeep Singh, who came to the Delhi border from Punjab, said health facilities have been provided there for the past four days. And in these four days, about one thousand farmers have been given medicine. Most of them suffer from cold, cough and fever. At the same time, many people are suffering from stomach infections again. There is no proper system of health facilities. Nor is Corona being tested there. There is no isolation for the treatment of corona patients.

I would like to inform that more than five medicine stalls have been set up at the border and many sick farmers are going there to buy medicines. If a farmer is also affected by corona, it will not take long for the whole movement to spread corona. Food is also being prepared day and night for thousands of people. For this reason, mountains of garbage are being created in the place of movement. And this is the reason why farmers are getting stomach infections.

Locals and shopkeepers are also facing problems due to non-observance of proper rules to avoid corona. One shopkeeper said farmers were coming to the store to buy goods, but they did not have a mask on their faces. And that is why it is becoming very difficult to save yourself. At the same time, many locals are going among the farmers and listening to them. The fear of spreading corona is also increasing among the locals. Farmers who suffer from diseases like cold and fever should have their corona tested, as a result of which they will be able to get proper treatment and others will also be able to survive the epidemic.