Either get better, or get ready to die: India has a strong message for Pakistan's terrorists

Bangla Hunt Desk: Neighboring enemy Pakistan is always ready to carry out terrorist attacks on India. Although the attack was foiled, the terrorists turned around and tried to strike back. The Indian troops on the border are also on high alert, ready to eradicate the terrorists at any cost.

Recently, Lieutenant General BS Raju appeared at a function in Kashmir and made it clear, “We will continue to fight against those who are trying to attack the country with weapons.” However, we are ready to take back those who want to return to the country even after taking up arms. That means there is still time, get better, or get ready to die.

Lieutenant General BS Raju) “The road to terrorism is never the only way to reach the goal. All the youths of the country who have joined that group, now is the time to come back if you want the best for yourself, if you want the best for the country. We welcome a number of those who have already surrendered. So I say, if someone goes the wrong way, now is the time to come back. '

We have seen before how the Indian Army first gave the terrorists a chance to surrender. Not only this, with the help of this opportunity you can do wonders. But they didn’t want to go back, just how horrible their consequences were.

Lt. Gen. BS Raju said, “The repeal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir has significantly reduced the level of terrorism in the region. However, 250 to 300 terrorists are still trying their best to enter India in the border areas. But from time to time there are reports of terrorism, our troops are always ready for them.