Ekaratti flew like a butterfly on a pillow, the video made viral

viral video: The current era is the era of social media. Every day we share pictures or videos of various events happening around us on Netdunia. Many times those pictures or videos become wildly popular or viral. Just as viral videos make us think, so too do many viral videos make our minds better. Harsh Goenka recently posted such a video.

In a new post on Twitter, Harsh Goenka shared this tickling video. In the caption he writes “Cuteest Butterfly”. However, the video is not about an insect, but about a sweet child and his father. As seen in the video, the child is lying on a pillow.

Her father came to call her but she did not want to wake up. What happened next is truly a beautiful moment. The man picks up his baby in the middle of a soft pillow and flips both sides of it, creating a scene like a butterfly flying in the air. At the same time he also started singing a song. The child giggled and laughed.

This mind blowing video went viral after being posted on social media. This video has already been watched by more than 6 lakh netizens. Their fascination overflowed in the comment box. One writes that children of any size and appearance are beautiful. Nothing in the world can compare to their toothless smile. Check out the viral video