Ekratti Mein sings a wonderful song paired with her father, a tumultuous viral video

viral video: The current era is the era of social media. During the lazy time of lockdown, many people have chosen social media as a platform to develop their talents They are sharing their songs, dances and recitations with Netdunia. The net people are not forgetting to appreciate the talent. Praise is overflowing in the viral video

Like the videos that went viral, the videos of the old and the young, as well as the videos of many youngsters, have been praised on the net world by signing their talents. One such viral pair at the moment is Mithi and her father Abhijit Ganguly. The duet of father and daughter with guitar has repeatedly captivated Netidunia.

Recently, Harry Bellafonte's popular song 'Jamaica Farewell' was released in Bengali and English. In the caption of the video, Abhijit writes, “Remember that famous song by Harry Bellafonte? Translated into Bengali by Sri Ranjan Prasad. Today that song was sung by father and daughter. Listen and see how it feels. ”

In this viral video, Mithi can be heard singing along with Baba Abhijit. More than 16,000 netizens have already watched this video. Everyone loves 'Father Betty'