Electricity will make the window glass of the house! Video of the new discovery of tumultuous viral science

viral video: Every day thousands of videos go viral in Netpara. Just as the viral videos contain the various feats of humans and animals, so too do the videos of various scientific discoveries attract the attention of Netpara.

Netizens have recently started discussing such a discovery. The discovery claims that the newly discovered window glass will generate electricity.

At the moment, it is not possible to run a day without electricity all over the world. But just as conventional coal and oil reserves are running out, there is a lot of pollution when generating electricity in this way.

We all know that air pollution is one of the major problems in our world today. Warming is increasing as a result of the increase in various greenhouse gases in the air. As a result, the sea level rises and many of our cities could be submerged.

In this regard, one of the best ways to generate electricity is unconventional energy. One of them is solar power. The sun is present all over the world so it is possible to generate this electricity by installing panels in any region. Already in some remote areas of India, the house is lit in this way.

But a lot of space is needed to generate electricity by installing panels. Which is an obstacle to generating this electricity in big cities. Scientists have solved this problem.

According to the commentary on this video, a company called ubiquitous energy has already discovered a glass-like solar panel. Which can be easily placed in the window of home or office.

These solar panels will not only prevent light from entering your room, but will also be able to convert the light energy falling on your windows into electricity. That is what is claimed in the video. Check out the viral video