Elephant being tied to a tree and beaten, video of brutal scene goes viral on Netdunia

Elephant being tied to a tree and beaten, video viral on social media

BanglaHunt Desk: At present, in the world of internet, video has gone viral in various scenes on social media. Although human beings are considered to be the best creatures in the world, sometimes other human beings are ashamed of their actions.

A few days ago, a pregnant elephant in Kerala was brutally killed by eating bomb-filled food. The whole country was outraged by his protest. The mother elephant stood in the pond until her last breath, to ease the pain of her unborn child. All the people had tears in their eyes after watching the video of that tragic scene. Even then people did not calm down. Once again, the video of an elephant being tortured went viral on social media.

An emotional moment video has gone viral on social media these days. Seeing this, netizens have once again raised their voices in protest. Check out that video first-


The incident took place at the Andal temple at Srivilliputhur in Thekkapapatti, Tamil Nadu. A 19-year-old elephant named Jayamaltha was brought to the temple for a ceremony. In the video, the elephant is tied to a tree and beaten by two mahouts. The elephant’s crime, he did not hear about the mahout.

The 20-second video, shared on social media, shows the elephant being tied to a tree and dying. And the yawning elephant is screaming in pain. Shortly after the video went viral, the two mahouts were fired and arrested under the Wildlife Conservation Act, based on lawsuits filed by multiple animal rights groups.