Elephant cubs fell on the canal! The forest officer reached his mother on the shoulder, the picture went viral


BanglaHunt Desk: It is hard to say exactly how old the elephant's friendship with humans is. The chemistry of this relation between the largest and most intelligent creatures of the earth is different from many other organisms. Yet many still cherish this enormous creature, bonding in friendship. The elephant also rewards him. There are many stories about the chemistry of this relationship between people and elephants. Once again, in the net world, viral images of that unique relationship between humans and elephants.

A forest worker rescues a young elephant, lying on the canal and reaching the mother. Another forest worker, Deepika Vajpayee, shared the picture of a forest worker named Palanishami Sarathkumar pulling on his shoulder and returning the elephant cubs heavier than himself. Which has already stirred the net. The netizens have raised the blessed voice of humanity and animal love of Palanishami Sarathkumar.

Although Deepika herself has stated that the film is quite old, she shared the picture and wrote about the photo in caption. It is known that the film is from December 25. Forest workers find that a mother is standing on the elephant path. Soon after arriving there, they found the cub in the canal. And returned it to the mother.

One netizen commented correctly on the image, never seen before a man holding an elephant's calf on the shoulder. It seems he is a true worker from the heart. Good work. A rare pic to see. (Never seen a man's elephant breeder on his shoulder. He seems to be a true worker from the heart. Good job. A rare photo to see)

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