Elephant teaches two young men to perform miracles, netizens tremble after watching viral video


Elephant teaches two young: viral video

BanglaHunt Desk: Nowadays, various videos of jungle safaris can be seen on social media in viral videos. Many times it makes people happy, and sometimes it makes the netizens happy. Sometimes a giant tiger is seen in front of a tourist car, and sometimes a lion is seen fighting in the forest.

But this time, the video of an elephant on a jungle tour has gone viral on social media these days, not a tiger or a lion. Seeing that, the laughter is far away, the netizens are trembling with fear. Check out that video first-

As can be seen in the video, many tourists have taken to the streets on a jungle tour. Someone is driving a car with a hood, and someone is riding a bike. Just then a giant elephant suddenly appeared on the road. When he saw the elephant, he stood there silently. But one bike rider, with one in the back, goes to show more miracles.

Ignoring everyone’s prohibitions, the two men rode their bikes in front of the elephants, showing their courage and fearlessness. The elephant did not hesitate to show his power. He should have gone ahead in anger and taught those two riders.

Frightened to see the elephant coming forward, the two men left their bikes and ran, fell on the road again and rolled. Elephant Babaji also twisted the rider’s bike with his legs to show his strength. Netizens are shocked to see the video of this scene on social media.