Elephants leave bird-nested trees after destroying entire banana orchards, viral video touches netizens


Banglahunt Desk: On social media, we often see viral videos of many beautiful moments. Which takes place in the jewel of our heart. And we share all those videos more with our friends. Today we will discuss a viral video like this, which is both sad and good for the heart.

In the animal kingdom, elephants are considered to be more tender-hearted than any other animal. But once this elephant gets angry, it becomes his responsibility to handle it. A similar incident has come to light from Tamil Nadu, where an elephant ravaged an entire banana orchard. But the funny thing is, this garden didn’t even touch a tree.

Check out that viral video first-

As seen in the video, the farmer brothers say how an elephant has destroyed all their banana orchards. How they suffered losses. However, in the midst of their grief, they again gave a surprising news, which surprised the netizens.

In the video, the farmers said that even though all the trees were destroyed, only one tree survived. Now the question arises, was there a tree for which the elephant did not destroy the tree? Later they saw that the tree had a bird’s nest, where there were many young birds. However, even though he destroyed another banana tree, the elephant has won the hearts of everyone by leaving this tree. And this video has gone viral on Netdunia.