Elephants rescued people from the water; People are not eligible for this use, netizens comment on viral videos


BanglaHunt Desk: Two completely opposite pole videos of elephants are viral on social media right now. One is where people are watching the death of a pregnant elephant by eating pineapple full of brutal joy. In the other, the elephant cub is trying to rescue him by jumping into the water thinking that the man is drowning. The two videos seem to have changed the definition of the words 'human' and 'brutal'.

In Kerala's Malappuram district, a pregnant elephant was killed after eating pineapple. After the video of the incident spread like wildfire on social media, a storm of condemnation has erupted across the country. From ordinary people to stars, everyone is outraged to see this brutal incident. Drawings, cartoons, writings about the human oppression of the elephant is coming up again and again.

Forest Officer Mohan Krishnan shared the details of the whole incident on social media. Everyone's eyes got wet after reading his passionate writing. Mohan wrote, “Even after the explosion of gunpowder in his mouth, he probably didn't understand what happened to him. The whole village was in agony. But not a single house was demolished. No one was attacked. He was like that. Simple. Everyone believed. But he undoubtedly understood that the end time had come. And then of course the first thing that came to her mind was the fetus. ”

Another video shows a man swimming in the current. But the man is drowning thinking of a small elephant cub. He hurried down into the water to rescue the people. Seeing this human love of animals, the question arises whether human beings are really worthy of human use?