Elephants walking on the road wearing clothes, pants and belts! Violent viral pictures on social media


Bangla Hunt Desk: Famous Indian industrialist Anand Mahindra is very active on the social media site Twitter. He occasionally shares surprising videos and pictures. He never wavered in praising India’s talent. Photos and videos shared on her account went viral in an instant.

Elephants are known in different forms in India. Where elephants are worshiped, where elephants are ridden. Somewhere the game with the elephant is also shown. Elephants are seen in many TV serials and movies. Elephants are even shown in circuses. Recently Anand Mahindra shared a funny picture on social media. In the caption of the photo, he wrote, “Incredible India”.

In the photo shared by Anand Mahindra, an elephant is seen showing fashion in the street. It didn’t take long for the picture of this strange elephant to go viral on social media. The elephant is seen in the picture wearing a pair of white pants and a purple shirt. Along with this, elephants can be seen wearing elephants with belts. About seven and a half thousand people have seen that picture of Ananda Mahindra till now.

Many people are liking that picture of elephant on social media. Everyone is retweeting the picture and reacting in their own way. Many are also praising the elephant’s royal style.