Elon Musk needs a magician, just have to do this work, will get the job of Vice President


एलन मस्क को चाहिए जादू-टोना करने वाला, बस करना होगा ये काम, मिलेगी वाइस प्रेसिडेंट की नौकरी

Elon Musk fired Image Credit source: AFP

Elon Musk is counted among the richest personalities in the world, but since becoming the CEO of Twitter, he has started being more active than necessary. This is the reason why something or the other related to him remains a topic of discussion in the internet world. Even these days a tweet by him remains a topic of discussion among the people. After seeing which the users are enjoying on that different level.

In fact, Musk wrote in a tweet, “I want a person who spreads witchcraft and propaganda… whom I would like to hire, that too for the post of Vice President.” Till the time of writing this tweet on Monday morning, more than 1.4 crore people have seen this tweet.

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According to the report published in the English website Fox, Musk has said this in the context of Megan Fox. In fact, Robbie Starbucks recently said about Fox’s children that Megan keeps both her children like girls and dresses them like girls. After this Morgan Fox made fun of witchcraft outside Robbie Starbucks house.

After this tweet went viral, people are giving their feedback by commenting on it.

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this will be your job

People fiercely shared memes

Commenting on the picture, a user wrote, ‘This guy is playing at a different level in the world.’ There were many users who tagged their friends for this job. Apart from this, there are many other users who are giving their respective feedback by commenting on it.

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