England football got involved in a huge controversy, even after reaching the final, the notoriety of ‘robber’ was added


Bangla Hunt Desk: The England football team reached the final of a major tournament after 55 years by defeating the relatively weak Denmark 2-1 in the semi-final of the Euro Cup. However, in the midst of this joy in England, there was a controversy about the England football team. One, two or more controversies have erupted over England’s victory. Many have even compared the England football team to a robber.


During the extra time of the match, in the 104 minutes of the match, England’s Rahim Sterling fell on the field with a light touch from the Danish defender Joachim Mailer. The referee immediately ordered a penalty. But at that time there were two balls in the field. Another ball was in the corner of the site. The referee should have stopped the game due to having two balls on the field. But instead the referee continued the game and a penalty was awarded against Denmark. World football has been vocal in this decision of the referee.


Also, when Harry Kane was taking a penalty, a laser light hit the body of Danish goalkeeper Caspar Schmichel. As a result, his mind was lost. Despite this, he saved the first short of Harry Kane, but Harry Kane scored the second goal. Then the debate started. Many have claimed that England should have been punished for deliberately distorting Caspar Schmidt’s laser light.