England won both the Man of the Match and the series, which angered Virat Kohli.


Bangla Hunt Desk: England visited India in January to play a three-format series against India. India sent England home after winning the series in three formats, Test, Twenty20 and ODI. India won the ODI series in Pune on Sunday with a resounding victory in the last match of the series.

Despite India winning the match, the best award of the match was given to England’s Sam Karan. And this has created controversy. Not only the best of the match but also the best award of the series was given to Johnny Bairst of England. India captain Virat Kohli was pleasantly surprised to see that. Asking about this, Virat directly wanted to know why Shardul Tagore was not given the best prize of the match. With that, his question is why Bhubaneswar Kumar was deprived of the best award in the series?

Virat said Shardul Tagore has made great progress. He also took four wickets for 67 runs on the batting pitch. Besides, Shardul has also run with the bat, but why was he not given the Man of the Match award?
Virat also said that Bhubaneswar Kumar has done well with the ball throughout the series. In every match, whenever the team is under pressure or whenever England has formed a big partnership, the ball has been handed over to Bhubaneswar to break the tie. Bhubi has succeeded in his work every time. He also took three important wickets in the last match with only 42 runs. I am surprised that Bhubi was not given the best award of the series. ”