Envision:You CEO discusses Mental Health Awareness Month in LGBTQ+ community: “There is help and hope, you are not alone”


May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Data from the National Alliance on Mental Illness shows LGBTQ+ adults are more than twice as likely as heterosexual adults to experience a mental health condition

That’s why it’s important to have open discussions. Steven Haden, CEO of Envision:You, works to close gaps in behavioral outcomes for the LGBTQ+ community through programming, advocacy, and evidence-based training. He shared his personal story with CBS News Colorado anchor Mekialaya White in hopes of inspiring others. 

“We all know our physical health is mental health, and mental health is physical health,” Haden said. “And it doesn’t discriminate. We are all impacted in some way by mental health concerns. So, if we can lean in and have those empathetic conversations with our friends, colleagues, about how they’re doing, our friends and family. We can create that space for people to start thinking about what recovery looks like for them.” 

Haden says, historically, his community has been under attack and that can impact mental health as well: “Discrimination, harassment, downright hate,” he continued. “Not surprisingly, those have really profound impacts on our community. A sense of isolation, disconnection and feeling hopeless. The message to our community that indeed there is help and hope available and you’re not alone.” 

Last weekend, Haden attended the National Council for Mental Wellbeing conference as an advocate. He shared that there is help out there if you’re struggling. He’s lived it.

“As a person who’s in recovery myself, he said, “I know that better days are ahead and you, too, can thrive.” 

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