European countries may face financial crisis due to Corona virus separation

BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has devoured the entire world, starting in Wuhan, China. To date, the number of coronary attacks in the whole world is around 1 lakh and the death toll is around 3,000. Europe is still the worst affected by the Corona virus. Experts fear that these European countries will weaken soon.

Europe is an organization of 20 countries. These Member States work together in unison and their legal system is the same. They stand side by side with foreign problems.

Italy, Spain and France face the damage caused by the Corona virus. As a result, these countries are weakened socially and financially. The loss of this southern European country is also affecting the country of Northern Europe. The Netherlands and Germany rejected the European Union's offer of mutual death to four countries in the European Union to fight the Corona virus.

The countries wanted to share economic losses as a result of the lockdown and coronation of the proposal. But the Netherlands and Germany rejected it. They show that, because the countries of Northern Europe are stronger than the countries of southern Europe and their involvement is much higher than other countries. As a result, the old blindness of Europe is raised again, Europe is split in two. At present, if the whole of Europe is not integrated, then their financial aspects will be very weak.

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