EV Subsidy: The demand for electric vehicles will stop due to the closure of subsidy! Big blow for e-scooter buyers


EV Subsidy: सब्सिडी बंद होने से थमेगी इलेक्ट्रिक गाड़ियों की डिमांड! ई-स्कूटर खरीदारों के लिए बड़ा झटका

Electric Cars And Electric Two Wheelers

The FAME scheme was introduced to promote electric vehicles. The government had high hopes from this scheme. To promote the trend of electric vehicles in the country fame scheme Has a huge contribution. That’s why the government also introduced the second phase of the scheme i.e. FAME II scheme. After this financial year, the benefit of this scheme will stop. However, some time ago some controversies came to the fore regarding EV subsidy. Let us see that due to this, the mobility of electric vehicles can be greatly affected.

Some electric two-wheeler companies used unfair means to take advantage of the FAME 2 scheme. The government has come to know about this mess. Now the investigation has settled against many electric two-wheeler companies. According to reports, these companies have received subsidy worth crores of rupees.

1.50 lakh subsidy on cheap e-scooters

To take advantage of the subsidy on electric scooters, the government has fixed a price. If the price of the electric two-wheeler goes above Rs 1.50 lakh (ex-factory), then the benefit of subsidy will not be available. Companies like Hero Electric and Okinawa deliberately reduce the price of their scooters, so that they can take advantage of the subsidy.

Government will recover subsidy

Now the government has made a plan to recover the subsidy money from these companies. In fact, from last year itself, the government had started paying attention to the scrutiny of Fame 2 subsidy. Many companies wrongly imported components from abroad, whereas these were shown as components made in India. Most of the companies depended on goods imported from China.

However, to get subsidy benefits, it is necessary to get 50 percent components and parts from the Indian firm. At the same time, some companies sold the charger and software separately from the scooter. That is, the cost of charger and software has not been added to the cost of the scooter, due to which the cost of the scooter has been reduced by Rs 1.50 lakh. Due to all these disturbances, the government has stopped the subsidy of many companies.

Electric scooters will be expensive

The Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME) scheme was first launched in 2015. Under Phase 2, the government has stopped subsidy of about 1,100 crores to 12 companies due to irregularities. Because of this, there is a danger of increasing the price of electric scooters. Only through subsidy, people are able to buy a new electric scooter at a low cost.

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