Even after making harsh remarks in the name of Sonia Gandhi, the Congress has a big position! Criticism culminates in the video going viral

BanglaHunt Desk: At present, the Congress is getting ready for the upcoming assembly elections after losing the elections. The team is being formed with new members. In this situation, people are being recruited in the party who have made bad comments about the Congress and even Sonia Gandhi in the past. As a result, the Congress has faced criticism again.

In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress is well on its way to winning the upcoming assembly elections. At this time, in order to pay special attention to the formation of the party, he changed the name of a member of the party who had previously insulted the party and Sonia Gandhi by saying that it was not. As soon as the old video of the insult was released, a brawl broke out in the party over how one opponent was given important responsibilities in the party.

In the Uttar Pradesh unit of the Congress, 13 candidates were selected on January 8 for the new party post in Bulandshahr. Among them was a man named Kunwar Taukir Ali. There is as much danger around this person.
Kunwar Taukir Ali works as the president of NSUI, the student wing of the Congress, according to his social media site. He even had a picture of himself with Priyanka Gandhi on his social media account. But a video went viral on social media just to pick his name for the top post in Congress.

The video shows Kunwar Taukir Ali using vulgar language in the name of Congress leader Sonia Gandhi. This video caused a stir in the political arena. After this incident, the name of Kunwar Taukir Ali was removed from the list of principals apologizing to the authorities.