Even after recording, Mahesh Bhatt has removed several songs sung by Arijit from 'Sarak 2'!


BanglaHunt Desk: Not one, but two songs sung by Arijit Singh have been dropped from 'Sarak 2' (sadak) by director Mahesh Bhatt. Recently such news has been received through sources. A song sung by Arijit has been removed from the picture and sung by a unique singer.

Zubin Natial and Keke sang the song 'Shukriya' in the recently released Sarak 2 song album. Jeet Ganguly composed the melody. But in fact, Arijit and Zubin were supposed to sing that song together.

On the other hand, Arijit's song 'Dil Mein Hamdam' mentioned in the old album of Sarak 2 is not in the new album. But it is known that Arijit had already recorded these two songs.

Ever since the matter came to light, Arijit's fans have been venting their anger against Mahesh Bhatt. The call for justice is going on on Twitter.

Netizens tagged music director Amal Malik on Twitter and asked him to comment on the issue. Amal Malik retweeted, “I would like to hear Arijit's song. Usually singers cannot be removed in this way. And even if it is done, the composer and the producer have to inform the singer personally. Officially, his fans also have to be informed so that the dignity of all remains intact. '

Earlier, Arijit had said in a post on social media that his voice should not be used anywhere without his permission. Mahesh Bhatt has dropped the song sung by Arijit on that basis? There are also questions that arise. However, there is no evidence that Arijit made that post for the purpose of road 2. However, neither Arijit nor Mahesh Bhatt has spoken about this yet.